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Attention is the capacity to select and maintain awareness of an exterior event or a thought. It corresponds to the general waking state and to vigilance, which lets the nervous system be receptive to any form of information that comes to mind. Attention disorders affect children and adults who cannot sufficiently concentrate on work to be done over long periods, even if this work requires only a minimum of intellectual effort or has a routine or familiar character to it (such as revising or recopying). A specific modality of attention is the capacity to divide one’s attention among several sources of information or tasks to be done. A deficiency in this attentional modality is not only very costly in a cognitive sense, but is also a source of difficulty and even considerable suffering for a child in a school setting.

Beyond its general action of cerebral stimulation (i.e., cortical charging), The Tomatis Listening Therapy can also have a very positive action on selective attention. In effect, the Tomatis Listening Therapy procedure is based on the electronic gating that brings about a perceptual sound contrast meant to constantly surprise the brain so that it stays awake and attentive The goal is to help the brain develop automatic mechanisms for detecting changes, which will consequently reinforce selective attention.

* Central auditory processing difficulties, Pervasive Development Disorder

These are severe difficulties manifesting early in childhood development, and are characterized by delays in and alterations of the development of the capacities for social interaction, cognition, and communication.
The neural circuits linking the ear to the brain contain specific neurons (both motor and sensory) called « mirror neurons » that play an important role in the construction of social cognition, that is, the ensemble of the processes that allow you to attribute intentions and ideas to someone, and even to understand another person’s emotional state.

By acting on these neural circuits, the Tomatis® Method proposes to improve both the capacity to communicate and the qualty of our relational abilities.
The Tomatis Listening Therapy has demonstrated its effectiveness in helping people who suffer from autism and associated behavioral disorders (for example, Asperger’s syndrome). Numerous approaches are possible to help people presenting these disorders.

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