Tomatis Listening Therapy

 Tomatis Listening Therapy is the most comprehensive and effective technology of all existing auditory stimulation programs. Developed by the French ear, nose and throat specialist Dr. Alfred Tomatis who pioneered psychoacoustics over 50 years ago. The Tomatis Method® uses electronically modified music to re-educate the listening system, by stimulating and improving the way in which we process auditory information and thus the way that we listen and communicate.


 Difficulties in processing sound to its full potential can affect brain functioning, causing problems in attention and behavior, communication skills, co-ordination, energy levels, learning abilities and sensory integration. People can be trained to improve or enhance their ability to process sound, and to overcome weaknesses or further develop listening related skills. Listening to the program literally exercises and tones tiny muscles in the ear and helps to build stronger multi-sensory pathways in the brain, improving its ability to process sound and enhance communication and cognitive abilities.


  •  Autism
  •  ADD/ADHD 
  •  Central auditory processing difficulties
  •  Communication disorders and dyspraxia
  •  Developmental and speech delay
  •  Dyslexia
  •  Learning problems (written and oral)
  •  Poor motor skills
  •  Short attention span and auditory memory difficulties
  •  Sensory integration



Tomatis Listening Therapy has shown to substantially improve auditory processing difficulties, by ameliorating auditory sequential memory difficulties, the ability to distinguish speech against a variety of background noises, as well as assisting in the acquisition of phonemic discrimination and phonological awareness.




 Notable beneficiaries of the Tomatis Method® include Sting, Gerard Depardieu, Maria Callas and other internationally acclaimed musicians, singers and actors.





Internationally, Tomatis Listening Therapy is best known to assist in alleviating the severity of behaviors contributing to the diagnosis of autism. Positive changes that have been documented within this disorder include: adaptation to change, listening response, non-verbal communication, emotional response and activity level.


Learning Problems

Poor listening makes poor learning. Just as one can look without seeing, one can also hear without listening. Listening requires the desire to focus on sounds. Tomatis identified this lack of desire to focus as one of the major causes of learning difficulties. The Tomatis Method provides the basis for retraining the auditory system to distinguish between the mixtures of high and low frequencies that exist in nature and speech. Often children with learning difficulties are unable to distinguish between sounds like s and z, p and b and so on. The Tomatis Listening Therapy program retrains the auditory system and brain to process sound more effectively and optimally, and by this, increase the ability and skill of listening which is the foundation of language, reading and writing.

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