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Intensive french, mandarin,spanish immersion & IQ Education for GRADES K-6

AFTER SCHOOL Language Immersion program offers intensive immersion setting in the following languages: French, Mandarin, and Spanish. IQ EDUCATION (LITERACY & MATH)  after school program is geared towards learners in grades K-6. The program is offered Monday-Friday, with choice of attending one or more days, with choice of following sessions  within the time of 4PM-6PM, depending on the time of arrival or with pick up from schools in network. Students receive between one, or one and a half hours of language immersion instruction time daily with highly qualified, native speakers language instructors, not to exceed six hours weekly. Students can attend a different combination of days and times as long as there is availability in the specific program. Please reach out to us to schedule your immersion program based on your choice of days/times. A student may choose a language instruction program and reading or math tutoring program to alternate. Our programs also offer Developmental Movement, Dance, Yoga, and Learning through Sensory Integration. You may combine programs while planning after school activities at KLA. For details on schedules, and options of sessions, please visit Locations & Schedules or email us at Should you need special accommodations, have specific schedule needs, or need help selecting your activities please reach out to us.

Preparing for testing for Immersion Elementary School? Is teaching your child your own native tongue a challenge? Or maybe you already know that multilingualism will benefit your child in all academic areas? These are all great reasons for investing in your child's capacity that will truly last a lifetime.

Language Immersion Day program at Kids Language Arts is a wonderful way of introducing or expanding a foreign language through REGGIO Emilia approach where students are able to utilize a foreign language in a full immersion, with abundance of arts, exploration and practicing critical thinking, with a qualified educators and native speakers. While this is a language immersion program, our program develops each student in other academic areas such as literacy and math while presented in a foreign language. Students develop skills such as handwriting, literacy and mathematics, so they are ready to enter elementary school with strong reading and writing skills.

The older the child gets, certain windows close in terms of language acquisition, but so long as the child learns the language before puberty [age 12 or 13], the child should be able to speak with a native accent. It’s an incredible gift to give a child access too many languages, and the best time to begin to teach children languages is right now.

You don’t need to speak a language in order to teach your children. Luckily, at KidsLanguageArts, there are educators who are native speakers with the ability to teach through play and in more traditional ways depending on the age of your child.

Kids learning a foreign language is a serious trend in both parenting and classroom learning methodology. In Europe, it’s commonplace that children speak many languages, and now in America, we’re seeing a rise in teaching children languages starting from toddler age in preschool.

We’ve also seen an incredible development of all sorts of fun tools to help kids learn a foreign language. There are tons of toys and apps that teach kids a foreign language in a way that’s both educational and entertaining but multiple studies have shown that children don’t learn primarily from these. The study shows that children don’t learn effectively from television, apps, however, listening to music, cds or even using apps can be a great tool to go along with the process of learning with a teacher.

So why the recent push for teaching kids a foreign language? We’ve created a short list of our favorite, most convincing reasons kids are learning to speak other languages. And we think by the end of reading this article, we’ll have you saying ‘si’ as well…

Study after study suggests that speaking a second language boosts cognitive, memory, and listening skills. Simple as that, learning and speaking multiples lessons build stronger brains.

You’ve heard it a million times, but it’s true: toddlers are like little sponges, easily absorbing all the information they’re given.

Learning another language is beneficial for your child’s future career. Many of the largest companies and corporations have offices all around the world, teaching another language to your kids means opening up infinite doors. Your children will have a serious advantage if they have access to the entirety of the global market.

English grammar and vocabulary improve when children learn a second language. By understanding how grammar and vocabulary function in other languages, toddlers learn more about how their own grammar rules through comparing and contrasting.

Learning another language expands perspective. Many parents teach children the language of their ancestors in order to give them an important look into their heritage. But understanding another language, any language also means kids feel empowered to explore a more global, diverse life.



Spanish, French, Mandarin, early iq education & TOMATIS THERAPY

language immersion AND or iq education   DAY or After-school

LIteracy & math

 IQ EDUCATION programs offer LITERACY & MATH tutoring sessions with our highly qualified teachers, as well as assistance with school homework. Please see Schedules & Locations for available options, schools in network tuition cost and to register.Its is geared towards younger learners in grades K-6. The program is offered Monday-Friday, with choice of attending one or more days, with choice of following sessions within the time of 4PM-6PM, with pick up from schools in network. Students receive between one to one, or one and a half hour of language immersion instruction time daily with highly qualified, native speakers language instructors, not to exceed six hours weekly. 

IQ EDUCATION (Literacy/Math) can be combined with SPANISH, FRENCH or MANDARIN on different days of the week. For details on schedules, and options of sessions, please visit Locations & Schedules or email us at

Should you need special accommodations or have specific schedule needs, please reach out to us.




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