Music and Art program offers introduction to wide range of instruments. Students are emerged in the world of arts through Reggio Emilia approach where children are well respected for their choices and creativity. For details on schedules, and options of sessions, please visit Locations & Schedules or email us at Should you need special accommodations or have specific schedule needs, please reach out to us.

Developing your child’s natural musicality will open the door to a world of possibility, not only for music learning but for all learning. The early months are so important to this process, which is why we designed this special class to help you every step of the way. Music has tremendous power to support the developing child in all their growing capacities. In addition to being enjoyable for its own sake, it forges unique connections in the brain, integrating mind, body, and emotions. It enhances a child’s language, cognitive, emotional, social, physical development as well as their learning habits and dispositions. When your child is young, music has tremendous power to enhance, not only their love of music and the joy it brings, but also their overall development. Just as music integrates mind, body, and emotions, music helps with managing learning and emotions.

Our programs are available for the following age groups:

  • AGES 0-12

  • AGES 1-3

  • AGES 3-5


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