Autism-therapy with mother's voice by Dr.Alfred Tomatis

 Internationally, Tomatis Listening Therapy is best known to assist in alleviating the severity of behaviors contributing to the diagnosis of autism. Positive changes that have been documented within this disorder include: adaptation to change, listening response, non-verbal communication, emotional response and activity level.

How can Tomatis Therapy help?  Throughout the years of experience of Josef Veroort and his team in Atlantis, we are able to say that we see significant improvements in auditory tests, especially in brain mapping. We have to realize that all children diagnosed with autism are different and therefore, the results of their therapy and their level of development will vary. However, for all autistic children Tomatis paves a path to a state where they can participate and function better socially and emotionally. 

As Vervoort stated, within the last 30 years in the Atlantis Center, over 1200 adults and over 2500 children with autistic behaviors have undergone Tomatis Therapy and ALL have achieved positive results; 20% of the children were later considered to fit normal behavior scale, 60% achieved a significant improvement, and 20% have improved in certain aspects.

The beginning of the therapy is crucial for the end result. The sooner it can begin, the better. The recommendation would be to begin once some signs of autism can be detected.



Children with immature auditory system can only retain a fraction of what they're told. They are unable to concentrate at school and daily tasks are becoming a challenge.

Do you feel like your child can't hear you/is not listening, or do you need to repeat your request over and over again? In majority of cases it is the inability and therefore immaturity of their auditory system, and Tomatis Therapy is a great tool for correcting it and providing solid results.

Poor listening makes poor learning. Just as one can look without seeing, one can also hear without listening. Listening requires the desire to focus on sounds. Tomatis identified this lack of desire to focus as one of the major causes of learning difficulties. The Tomatis Method provides the basis for retraining the auditory system to distinguish between the mixtures of high and low frequencies that exist in nature and speech. Often children with learning difficulties are unable to distinguish between sounds like s and z, p and b and so on. The Tomatis Listening Therapy program retrains the auditory system and brain to process sound more effectively and optimally, and by this, increase the ability and skill of listening which is the foundation of language, reading and writing. 

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