Personal development (energy, relaxation, balance)

While it is easy to understand the importance of exercise for the upkeep of the body, we do not always realize that exercise is also important for our brain. A brain stimulated with sensory messages both energizes and relaxes us. Since the ear is the main channel for the transmission of sensory messages from the human body, it plays a key role in all human functions. This stimulation may be impaired when the brain triggers a mechanism of inhibition or protection, which may occur following an isolated traumatic event known as emotional shock. The brain also tends to protect itself progressively when the external environment is perceived as aggressive. This may be true for people who are facing a reorganization of their routine, an increase of responsibility, the loss of familiar references, and social pressure.

The Tomatis Listening Therapy acts on the limbic system in the medial part of the brain, to which the auditory system is linked. Among other things, this part of the brain is responsible for the mechanisms of emotion, memory, and learning. Moreover, an organ in the middle ear known as the cochlea plays the role of a cortical charger. By acting on the limbic system and prefrontal cortex, the Tomatis Listening Therapy intervenes in the regulation of emotional disorders related to depression and anxiety. And it will also act effectively on the regulation of stress.

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